SCA Prep Basketball
SCA Prep Basketball

Dear Potential Sponsor,

Schools that place an emphasis on athletics and training are becoming increasingly popular. For young adults with NCAA athletic dreams, such schools integrate training into the academic routine. For the right student, a non-traditional educational option is particularly tantalizing and sensible.

One such preparatory academy was founded in 2019 in the San Fernando Valley. It is called the Southern California Academy. It offers an all-inclusive academic and sports program for student athletes 6-12, as well as postgraduate education, for those students who need further development and aspire to play at both the college and professional levels.

On behalf of “Southern California Academy” I am inviting your organization (company) to become a corporate sponsor for the academy. Your contribution will underscore our commitment to flexible schedules and personalized learning plans that give student athletes the ability to work at their own pace, on their own terms. We at the academy have learned that traditional high school schedules are not always conducive to athletes who more often than not have complicated lifestyles. Unlike students at most schools, our students are forced to master the discipline of time management.

By associating your company with the Southern California Academy you will demonstrate prescient knowledge in understanding the value of a learning environment that is built around a student-athlete’s schedule. This will not only be a smart business decision for your company, but the kind of foresight that is rewarded in the marketplace by consumers. Please become a part of the leading edge of a slowly emerging national trend that is happening in your own backyard.

Take a few moments to peruse our sponsorship packages. Your involvement will be  rewarded on many levels.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Travis Nichols
– Director

SCA Prep Basketball
SCA Prep Basketball

About Us

Our Vision

To transform Southern California Academy (SCA) into a recognized market leader by developing athletes that will soon compete in the NBA and even the Olympics. The Academy is ready today to expand exponentially, by hiring renowned coaches, and working with cerebrally minded sponsors who understand the urgent need of creating a new educational institution.

Our Mission

Southern California Academy is focused on developing student athletes on and off the court, by helping them set goals, embrace self-discipline and achieve their dreams.

Target Audience

Our target market are millennials, ages 12-18 and post graduation students.

In addition, our core market demographics are all fans of basketball, baseball and golf. This boasts our target audience population to thousands of fans.

With an established network all across the country. SCA has strong relationships with top Division I basketball programs across the country.

Our graduates are attending universities such as: Michigan State, LSU, Maryland among many others.



– John Wall invitational Champion
– ST. James invitational Champion
– Ranked Top -10 nationally
– In the past 2 seasons at SCA – we helped 18 Division 1 commitments on full scholarship
– Team Grade Point Average: 3.4

Excellent Exposure & Brand Awareness

  • Brand exposure and promotion at events, matches and across all social media platforms: From coaching staff to players we have over 200,000 impression per day on our social media platform like Instagram/Facebook. We play over 10 big events each season that will be host on platforms like Ballislife, overtime and etc that haves over 10M followers and we also have a couple of ESPN games.
  • Building positive brand association by enhancing the fan and player experience
  • Growing popularity – as we continue to grow, your brand can reach new audiences, communities and target markets
  • Help kids become successful contributing members of society

Why Us?
Because It's a Win-win

Sponsoring SCA provides a rare opportunity for sponsors to connect its brand with a target audience of sports lovers, who spend a minimum of $5,000 annually on sports paraphernalia.

With our engaged marketing strategies and local visibility, a corporate sponsorship will pay out in innumerable pathways:

  1. Publicizes a company that genuinely cares about student athletes;
  2. Engages with community members who relate to the success of student athletes
  3. Underscores a company’s acuteness in recognizing the value of supporting new educational institutions like SCA. By associating with SCA, sponsors will attract new customers who appreciate businesses that are looking out for others.
SCA Prep Basketball


We are committed to give back to our students and communities. SCA have already helped many student-athletes in securing scholarship offers to notable universities.

SCA Prep Basketball

Here’s a list of our student athlete commitments to various universities across the country. All within the span of 2 years.

  • Anthony Swift – Southern Utah University
  • Yaru Harvey – Portland University
  • Skylar Wildon – Portland University
  • Dreshaun Doyne – Arkansas Pine Bluff
  • Jalen Weaver – Nevada University
  • Ben Shtolzberg – Creighton University
  • Jaylen Thompson – Stanford University
  • Oziyah Sellers – USC
  • Vincent Iwuchukwu – USC
  • Jaxon Kohler – Michigan St. University
  • Broyce Batchan – San Francisco University
  • Dior Johnson – Oregon University
  • Jed Miller – Montana St. University
  • Jalen Reed – Florida University
  • Robert Cowherd – Ole Miss University
  • Amare Abram – Ole Miss University
  • Davis Ambuehl – Ole Miss University
  • Miles Keeffe – Vanderbilt University

The Benefits


Promote your brand, and to maintain a high profile among key participants before, during and after the matches.


Consolidate corporate and community relationships and expose your brand within key markets.


Positive publicity from print and electronic media will help increase the visibility of your company’s products and services. Your brand will benefit from media coverage that otherwise could be prohibitively expensive.

Business in the

Sponsoring our Academy will help you stand out from the crowd. It enables you to prominently display your products and marketing materials.

Sponsorship Packages


$ 100,000 Per Year
  • Tournament title sponsor
  • Logo on home & away game jersey
  • Listing logo on website & across all social media platforms
  • Name & Logo on all new merchandise


$ 50,000 Per Year
  • List sponsor on website, home games,
  • Logo added to (8) Teams, warmups – Tops & Bottoms
  • Online content sponsorship & free admission to all sporting events


$ 25,000 Per Year
  • Promotion on website & social media
  • Free admission to sporting events
  • Logo on all website & merchandise


$ 10,000 Per Year
  • Company tables at our 8 events
  • Free admissions to all sporting events
  • Logo on website