Pathways School

About Us

Pathways School is a Kindergarten through High School private school located in South Orlando. For the past 27 years Pathways School has provided a safe, happy and educationally sound environment to students from all walks of life.

Kindergarten - Eighth Grade

The Pathways’ curriculum has been developed to work effectively through individualized instructional plans. Our entire operation is centered around a core of teachers working together to provide an environment that nurtures and strengthens the students’ self-esteem. Students are valued for their unique strengths and talents, and individual plans are designed to stimulate academic growth. The curriculum follows the Florida Sunshine State Standards and uses those benchmarks as a guideline for assessment in order to assure the students a smooth transition to each grade. In addition to the Florida mandated subjects, students are instructed in Life Skills, Study Skills, Social Skills, Physical Education, Music and Art.

High School

Ninth through 12th graders participate in a blended learning class setting where they engage in life skills, citizenship, leadership curriculum and current events. Core subjects and Electives are done through Edgenuity, an award-winning online curriculum recognized by the Florida Department of Education and the NCAA.

Special Programs

Unique Abilities Scholarship for Florida Residents

This Scholarship is for students who have a current IEP (Individual Education Plan) in the public school system and/or a medical diagnosis, such as students on the Autism Spectrum. More information can be found at

This scholarship covers most of the cost of tuition for lower-income students and is accepted by Pathways School. Parents pay a Registration and Curriculum Fee and a nominal monthly fee. The Website for the Step Up for Students Scholarship is


Pathways students who need extra academic help receive tutoring with the subjects in which they struggle. Success is monitored throughout the tutoring program and shared with the parent. The student’s classroom teacher has important input into the process and both teacher and tutor collaborate to see that the needs of the student are being met.


Pathways School offers Speech & Language, Physical, Occupational and Behavioral therapies with licensed Therapists for students who are identified as needing these services.

SCA Daily Schedule

Skills Training
6:30am-7:30am (High School, Middle School & Postgrad)
9:00am-11:00am (Only Postgrad)

Class Schedule
8:00am-1:30pm (Postgrad student athletes will be on how many credits are needed)

Life Skills, Team Practices, Strength & Conditioning
2:00pm-5:00 pm