Basketball - Boys

Basketball Academy Overview

Our academic program holds our student-athletes to the highest possible standard with an academically enriched program. We have full accreditation with a highly qualified and established team of teachers, tutors, and academic advisors who help our student athletes attain academic success and prepare them for the rigors of the collegiate experience.

We have one of the top overall coaching staffs in the country. Our culture of development & work ethic helps create the everyday habits for our student athletes to be successful on & off the court.

We play a demanding schedule on both the High School & Post Grad level. Tournaments include the John Wall Tournament in North Carolina & the National Prep showcase in Connecticut. The opportunity to play in front of college coaches & scouts will ensure that the maximum exposure is provided at an elite level.

Our Program Achievements

  • John Wall invitational Champion
  • ST. James invitational champion
  • Top #10 nationally ranked
  • 16 Division 1 commitments on full scholarship
  • Team Grade Point Average 3.6

Notable Recent Basketball Program College Commitments

Anthony Swift – Southern Utah University

Yaru Harvey – Portland University

Skylar Wilson – Portland University

Dreshaun Doyne – Arkansas Pine Bluff

Jalen Weaver – Nevada University

Ben Shtolzberg- Creighton University

Jaylen Thompson – Stanford University

Oziyah Sellers – USC

Vincent Iwuchukwu – USC

Jaxon Kohler – Michigan St. University

Broyce Batchan – San Francisco University

Dior Johnson – Oregon University

Jed Miller – Montana St. University

Jalen Reed – LSU

Robert Cowherd – Ole Miss University

Amare Abram- Ole Miss University

Denim Dawson- Nebraska University

Jarin Edwards- University of Hawaii – Hilo

Taeshaud Jackson- Virginia Military Institute

Miles Keeffe- Vanderbilt University

SCA Basketball Teams

With multiple teams within the program, including National, Varsity, Junior National, Middle School, and Post-Graduate, SCA basketball provides the nation’s most effective training environment for student-athletes.

National Team

SCA’s National Team competes against some of the nation’s top programs while earning unparalleled exposure during showcases and national televised games and tournaments. Student-athletes within this team aspire to compete for top D1 programs or at the NBA and professional levels. Training consists of intensive workouts and team development that mirrors that of an elite collegiate program.

Varsity Team

SCA offers several Varsity teams to accommodate student-athletes at various levels.

Varsity teams compete against regional and national programs and also take on a challenging seasonal schedule. Varsity student-athletes have an opportunity to gain collegiate exposure during showcases and tournaments as well as on campus.

Junior National Team

SCA’s Junior National Team provides 9th and 10th graders with an opportunity to compete at a high level against top Varsity and Junior Varsity teams locally and regionally. This team prepares student athletes for the Varsity and National team through a full competition, schedule, internal scrimmages, position-specific instruction, developmental opportunities, and more. Junior National student athletes also begin to understand the college recruitment process in preparation for their next steps.

Middle School Teams

SCA Academy’s Middle School basketball teams provide student-athletes with the chance to develop and prepare for their progression towards the National, Varsity, and Junior National teams. Middle school student-athletes will be exposed to high-level skill development and training that building a foundation for incremental growth.

Post Graduate Teams

SCA’s dedicated post-graduate teams competes against national competition at various tournaments and showcase events, allowing them to gain unprecedented exposure. Post graduate players do not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility while preparing for their next steps at the collegiate level both on the court as well as with a college placement advisor and academic staff. Post-graduates will develop through position specific training while benefitting from an extra season to increase physicality as well as mental toughness and maturity.

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